About US


Our mission is to supply your company’s barrel aging endeavors with the highest quality wood. We offer a consistent and dependable product to to build your barrel aging program and form a long lasting relationship. We look forward to bringing you new products throughout the year, as we are always sourcing.


Pat has always had a love for craft beer. He has been brewing his own beer for 10 years. He has a background in Finance, but had always dreamed of owning his own brewery. When Matt approached Pat with the idea of selling barrels, Pat jumped on the opportunity as a way to get into the industry he is passionate about.

Pat mans the PA warehouse. Be sure to stop by if you're in town to talk barrels and sip some home brew. Cheers!


Matt has been involved with barrels since 2012. His first endeavors began with Barhome Designs, creating unique home and bar decor from barrels. Naturally this passion turned into researching further possibilities of the barrel market. This ultimately led the idea and formation of Northeast Barrel Company. 

Matt still owns Barhome Designs, sources barrels for NEBC, loves traveling, outdoors and craft beer. Catch him at a beer festival, abroad in a foreign country or running our Salt Lake warehouse.