“A Glimpse into what it takes to source the best barrels in the world”

This page is a snap shot into the world and life of sourcing barrels. There are no rules for what we do; we make them as we go and truly enjoy the ride along the way. Each trip is unique and provides new knowledge of barrels, spirts, culture, perspective and so much more. It is not only a challenge, but a privilege to do this job. We believe that to truly appreciate the essence of what is aged in each type of barrel, we must not only understand, but celebrate the cultures and traditions that surround it’s existence. That said, we are humbled daily by your support and pledge to stop at nothing to find the finest barrels the world has to offer.


Jalisco, Mexico

New sources, regions, insights and travels in the land of blue agave



Fine rum, beautiful beaches, fisherman and of course, barrels!


Southern Mexico

Success finding the elusive mezcal barrel, Zapotec culture, biodiversity and celebrating dia de los muertos

Spain & Portugal

Two great countries, fantastic wine, beautiful landscapes and traditional cooperages


South America

Finding small batch rum barrels, exploring new cities, markets and indigenous cultures